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What are the different levels in the NYT Spelling Bee?

The New York Times Spelling Bee is a popular daily word puzzle game where players try to make as many words as possible from a set of seven letters, with one of the letters required to be used in every word. In the game, players are ranked depending on how their score compares to the total points possible that day.

Every player starts at the "Beginner" level (0 points), and there are 10 levels in total. The final level is "Queen Bee", which is reached when you find all the words in the puzzle and achieve the maximum possible points. Here's the full list of levels and their requirements:

Level Name Percentage of Maximum Points
Beginner 0%
Good Start 2%
Moving Up 5%
Good 8%
Solid 15%
Nice 25%
Great 40%
Amazing 50%
Genius 70%
Queen Bee 100%

For example, on a day where the total possible points is 250, you would reach the "Good" level when you score 20 points (8% of 250). If you score 125 points, you would reach the "Amazing" level (50% of 250).

You can calculate the number of points you need to reach a level by entering the total points for the day's puzzle in the box below:

(The maximum number of points for today, Sunday, May 26, 2024 is 196.)

Level Name Points Needed
Beginner 0 (0%)
Good Start 4 (2%)
Moving Up 10 (5%)
Good 16 (8%)
Solid 29 (15%)
Nice 49 (25%)
Great 78 (40%)
Amazing 98 (50%)
Genius 137 (70%)
Queen Bee 196 (100%)
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