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Does the NYT Spelling Bee have an archive?

The New York Times Spelling Bee does not have a public archive where you can go back and play old puzzles. The game updates daily, and once a new puzzle is live, the previous day's puzzle is typically no longer available for play. This is similar to how some other daily puzzles function in The New York Times, like the Mini Crossword.

There are fan sites and forums where people discuss previous puzzles and share answers, including our own Archive page, but these are not officially affiliated with The New York Times. The absence of an official archive is in contrast to the NYT Crossword, which does offer a way to play past puzzles going back many years if you're a subscriber.

It's possible that the New York Times could introduce an archive feature for Spelling Bee in the future, but as of our last update, no such feature exists. Until then, you can use our Archive page to find previous puzzles along with hints and answers.

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