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What is "Queen Bee" in the NYT Spelling Bee?

The term "Queen Bee" in the NYT Spelling Bee refers to the achievement of finding all the possible words in the puzzle for a given day. The list of possible words is pre-determined by the creators of the puzzle, so players are trying to find every word that the puzzle setters have decided is allowable.

Not all words you might think of will be on the list of possible words. The New York Times has specific rules for what words are allowable. For example, they do not include offensive words, words that are always capitalized, abbreviations, prefixes, and suffixes, among other categories.

However, the New York Times doesn't reveal what the Queen Bee score is for each puzzle until you reach it. You can visit our Today's Hints page to find the Queen Bee score for today's puzzle. Don't worry, you won't see all the answers unless you choose to by clicking the reveal answer buttons. To find the number of points needed yesterday, you can visit our Yesterday's Hints page.

The number of points you need to reach the "Queen Bee" level on Today's (Sunday, May 26, 2024) puzzle is 196. Yesterday (Saturday, May 25, 2024), you needed 161 points to reach the "Queen Bee" level.

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