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Does the NYT Spelling Bee always have a Pangram?

The NYT Spelling Bee puzzle always features at least one pangram. There may be some days where there are more than one pangrams, but there is always at least one in every puzzle.

A pangram is a word that uses every letter in the Spelling Bee's "hive" at least once. Since having a pangram is one of the challenges of the game, it adds an extra layer of excitement and complexity. Players who are able to find the pangrams receive 7 bonus points for every pangram they find. This element of searching for a pangram is part of the allure and challenge of Spelling Bee.

A pangram word is thus worth at least 14 points (7 or more points for the number of letters in the word itself, plus 7 bonus points for being a pangram). A perfect pangram, which is a pangram that uses each letter exactly once, is always worth 14 points since it is exactly 7 letters long.

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